Fleeting Sunlight

Signed Limited Edition Giclee Print.

Edition size of 195 copies signed, titled and numbered by the artist.

Image size - 400 x 400 mm


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About Vega


Vega graduated from Leeds University with a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art.
During the 80’s she did figurative work, concentrating on producing positive images of women of all ages and race and their role in society. These series of paintings sold and were published becoming the impetus behind my subsequent sketching and painting travels in Africa. During this period she moved to the Isle of Mull in Scotland, also spending time in France, Spain and Ireland to study, paint and teach before travelling to Africa in 1990.
These periods of study over many years have enabled Vega to learn different ways of painting and drawing which has freed her from becoming bound to any one particular way of seeing and depicting the subject so that, hopefully, it is always new and different to the viewer.
The mid 90’s saw a move to the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, where she learnt to sail, how to build and maintain a boat and finally how to live aboard for months at a time so that now, 'when I do a marine painting, I actually know how it feels to claw your way upwind against a foul tide in a force six.'
She signs her pictures Vega 'out of respect for the boat that carried me safely for hundreds of miles on my journeys.'

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